400.000€ pour aider les entreprises d’économie sociale d’insertion

400,000€ TO HELP SOCIAL ECONOMY ENTERPRISES working in the field of integration

Les entreprises sociales d’insertion affectées par les mesures d’urgence pour limiter la propagation du Covid-19 pourront bénéficier d’une prime unique de 4.000€ par unité d’établissement. La prime fait partie d’un ensemble plus large de mesures destinées à soutenir les acteurs de l’économie sociale d’insertion en ces temps difficiles.

Social economy companies working in the field of integration and affected by the emergency measures taken to limit the spread of COVID-19 could benefit from a one-off allowance of €4,000 per business unit. The allowance is one component of a larger set of measures introduced to support businesses in the social integration sector during these difficult times.

The safeguarding measures implemented by the Federal State to contain the spread of COVID-19 have notably required the closure, partially or fully, of businesses in the hospitality sector, with some retailers also affected. The businesses concerned include several social integration companies.

Although they are normally excluded, due to their status, from all economic support, the Brussels government has decided that eligibility for the support measures available must be extended to approved social economy companies working in the field of integration. This makes them eligible for the one-off allowance of €4,000 per business unit, for up to a maximum of 5 business units.  The aim is to allow them to continue to find work for job seekers facing particular challenges when attempting to access the labour market.   

In total, there are 49 potential beneficiaries (46 ASBL and 3 cooperative companies) and 96 business units. This corresponds to a total budget of €384,000.

All the details are contained in the decree (PDF).

Source: press release issued by the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region 

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