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Old or discarded electronic appliances in your SME are given a new lease on life through Smartloop

You have undoubtedly heard of Recupel. This non-profit association organises the collection and processing of discarded electronic appliances in our country. The organisation is now launching a new initiative. Recupel will be offering SMEs an efficient way of dealing with their electronic and electric waste. 

The programme is called Smartloop. Here’s how it works and what the advantages are for your SME.

What is Smartloop?

Smartloop is a digital platform for SMEs and certified processors of e-waste. E-waste is a collective term for electronic and electric waste. Via Smartloop your SME can put broken laptops, computer screens, printers, mobiles, refrigerators, lamps and fixtures up for sale. Recognised processors can place a bid on this waste.

Smartloop is really simple.

  • Register your SME on the Smartloop platform.

  • Post pictures and/or a description of your discarded electric and electronic devices.

  • Processors will let you know how much they are willing to pay or how much they would charge to collect your e-waste.

  • You pick the best offer and make practical arrangements with the processor.

Just to be clear, it’s up to you to make arrangements with the processor: which discarded devices you want to get rid of, price, collection and payment. For this Recupel has created a very simple and user-friendly platform with a chat function. Moreover, the large number of participating processors guarantees competitive prices.

How does your SME benefit from Smartloop?

More than anything else, Smartloop is the easiest way to get rid of your broken laptops, computer screens, printers, mobiles, refrigerators, lamps and fixtures. The platform is the simplest way of coming into contact with any number of processors. You decide with whom you want to do business. If you don’t like a particular offer then you can simply turn it down. In addition, Smartloop only works with certified processors who comply with the strictest quality demands, guaranteeing minimal environmental impact.

Also good for the circular economy

Recycling is also crucial for our stocks of raw materials because they are not inexhaustible.
So how does recycling help exactly? The more electric and electronic waste we collect, the more valuable components waste processing companies can recycle. Did you know that electronic and electric devices contain such valuable elements as gold, silver, palladium, etc. which would otherwise have to be mined? Recycling means less mining is required because we’re simply reusing these raw materials time and again. This principle is called the circular economy or recycling economy. That is why it is important to collect as many broken laptops, computer screens, printers, mobiles, refrigerators, lamps and fixtures as possible. With Smartloop there is now an easy way for SMEs to discard their e-waste.

Watch the demo for an introduction to Smartloop

...and be sure to discover for yourself how well it works. Offer your old e-appliances on

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