EuroQuity Belgian e-Pitch session



EuroQuity Belgian e-Pitch session

For the next EuroQuity e-Pitch session, selected 6 innovative companies. Together, these six companies are looking for € 19M.

Each entrepreneur will have 8 minutes to convince the investors. If you want to discover more, register now for the session and give these startups the opportunity to meet their suited investors. Once registered, you will receive via email the access link on the pitch day.

Target audience

Registration to the pitch session is only open to Belgian and international professional investors.

What is Euroquity?

Read more about this project in our blog.

The 6 selected innovative projects are :

FinTech - SaaS solution

A SaaS solution that, thanks to AI, determines when companies' customers will honor their payments. It improves cash forecasting, makes collection processes more intelligent and reduces delinquencies by 30%. The solution is now recognized as an add-on to SAP, with which the company has a global partnership. Subscription based model, the company currently has four customers, including a major utility company, and its pipeline is growing rapidly.
Next step: focus on inbound sales & accelerate additional development to capture a wider range of customers | Sought : €1M 

FoodTech – The ready-to-eat food box 

The company offers a food delivery service with interesting differentiating elements compared to models such as Hello Fresh or Deliveroo: delivery in one go of several ready-to-eat meals, healthy, local, seasonal meals that can be kept for several days via a specific process (vacuum-packed). Launched on the market in 2019 in Brussels, the aim is to expand in Belgium and then in Europe. Subscription based model with already 225 recurring customers (200€ per month).
Monthly revenues above € 40k | +400% sales since Q3 2019 | € 210k raised through crowdfunding in 2019 | Next step: scaling-up | Sought: € 600k

Customer Service SaaS solution

Launched in May 2020, the company aims at optimizing e-commerce customer relations through the use of AI. The proposed solution makes it possible to combine the efficiency of automation and the added value of people, by prequalifying requests using deep learning and then bringing in humans who will validate the automations when necessary. Objective is to quickly involve freelance agents paid on a "price at resolution" basis.
Commercial traction is strong with a turnover of € 1,5M for a MRR of € 100k | Next step: c.€ 1,5M sought for the acceleration of algorithmic maturity and availability of the solution in SaaS

UrbanTech – Energy hardware

Founded in 2019, the company is changing the way people charge their electronic devices. Thanks to a large network of stations, users can rent a powerbank on-the-go anywhere, anytime, the same way you currently rent an e-scooter or an e-bike. Today the company counts the largest network in Europe, with currently 1,500+ stations deployed across France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden and Spain. 
The model has proven to be profitable outside of Europe | Challenge lies in tech and execution capabilities | € 2,9M raised to date | € 20k+ recurring revenue | Next steps: raising € 10M to conquer the market


The company launched in 2019 an all-in-one Uber for marketing to make communication and marketing easy and affordable for SMEs. Instead of hiring a local communication agency, it enables its clients to build their own remote team to take care of their social media, influencer marketing, digital advertising and so on 3 to 8 times cheaper than any agency on the market. The company offers two main plans (249€/month or 399€/month) and many add-in options (e.g., 50€/month to add a Facebook Ad expert).
The commercial traction and product-market fit are there with +4% week on week growth in turnover | Company stage: product in market | Turnover FY20 of € 100k | MRR € 20k | Next step: scaling-up | € 1M sought


App-based tax-free shopping solution launched in 2017 to simplify the tax refund experience for travelers coming to the EU. The company proposes a seamless 3-step tax refund process for all purchases in all stores supported with 24/7 flexible customer support. Market of 110 million non-EU residents traveling yearly to the EU, yet 85% untapped due to inefficiencies. In 2019 the company launched a tax refund scheme for EU-outbound e-commerce transactions (50% of turnover in FY20). The revenue model is based on commissions on the VAT refunded.
Turnover doubled in FY20 to € 600k (whereas overall market was down by 90%) | Pandemic-conservative FY21 forecast of € 900k (50% traveler - 50% parcels) | Sought: € 5M to accelerate growth

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