Grant to improve the appeal of facades in the Brussels-Capital Region

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25 May 2021





Grant level:


The grant is provided to thoroughly clean the façade of a building and protect it against humidity and graffiti.

What is it about?

The grant is provided to thoroughly clean the façade of a building and protect it against humidity and graffiti.

Who is eligible?

All owners, even if they don’t live in the building. Certain tenants and managers are also entitled to the grant. Social real estate agencies and certain non-profits are also eligible.

The façade grant can also be requested by a retailer as long as their main residence is located in the Brussels-Capital Region and they have a registered commercial lease which is still valid for six years at least on the date the application is submitted.

What are the requirements?

The following conditions must be met to receive the grant to improve the appeal of a façade:

  • The building must be located in the Brussels-Capital Region and built over 25 years ago;
  • It must have party walls and be close to the roadway. The façade must face the public road or be set back from it maximum 8 metres (12 metres in certain areas);
  • Each request must be for the entire façade(s) of the building;
  • At least two-thirds of the floors must be residential;
  • The work must be done by an entrepreneur with a company registration number and using authorised techniques;
  • The work cannot have been started;
  • The applicant, owner, holder of the commercial lease or manager must commit to retaining the residential use of the building for at least five years from the date the grant is paid;
  • No other grant requests for façade refurbishment can be submitted for 20 years. The wait period is 5 years from the time work is done for listed buildings.
  • The renovation work cannot have been started before the applicant receives a “provisional promise of grant” from the Housing Department. However, scaffolding can be set up in advance;
  • Only works covered by the decree of 19 June 2002 are taken into account to calculate the grant;
  • After receiving approval from the Housing Department official, the work must be carried out and the administrative file closed within two years.
What is the amount granted?

The amount of the grant will depend on the neighbourhood in which the building is located and on household income. The grant rate will vary from 30% to 85% depending on the case.

There is a minimum cap of €700 and a maximum cap of €25,000 for works per request. No requests for less or more than these caps will be considered.

How to apply?

Complete the application form for façade work in the Brussels-Capital Region and attach all of the documents requested.

Need help? Contact Bruxelles Urbanisme et Patrimoine

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