Website allowance: develop a website or an e-commerce platform

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25 May 2021





Grant level:

  • For who: micro and small companies based in Brussels and active in certain business sectors
  • For what: consulting in the Internet field (website or e-commerce platform)
  • How much: 40% to 60% of the consulting amount
What is it about?

Do you want to develop or enhance your company’s visibility on the Internet? Are you planning to take your business online? Take advantage of the allowance for external consulting to optimise or develop an Internet site or an e-commerce platform.

Who is eligible?

Micro and small companies with operations headquarters in the Brussels-Capital Region, active in certain business sectors, whose project meets the description below.

What are the requirements?


  • the creation or redesign of a website or of an e-commerce platform
  • the launch, positioning or repositioning of your online sales
  • an audit and/or optimisation of your website or e-commerce platform
  • an exceptional project intended to solve a specific problem (non-permanent and occasional subcontracting)
  • less than six months.


  • is primarily employed as a provider of the consulting services in question;
  • is specialised in the field in question;
  • must have at least two years of experience;
  • must be independent of your company.

In addition, if you have already received the website allowance (related to the decree of 31/01/2019) in the last two years, the service provider must be another consultant than the one you used the first time.

What is the amount granted?

How to calculate the allowance ?

Allowance rate
  • 40% of the amount of the external consulting mission (if none of the criteria below are met)

  • 50% of the amount (if one criterion below is met)

  • 60% of the amount (if two or more of the criteria below are met)

Maximum amount of the website allowance €5000 par année civile
Minimum amount per request/mission €500
Maximum number of allowances One subsidised mission per year



Starter: + 10% Your company has been registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises for at least four years
Social enterprise: +10% Your company is approved as a social enterprise at the time you apply for the allowance
Ask for your “social enterprise certification
Circular company: +10% Your company is recognised as a company “involved in the circular economy” at the time you apply for the allowance (first form).
You must request your “circular economy certification” at least three months before you apply for the allowance.
Priority sector: +10%

Your main business activity is in one of the following sectors:

  • Industry and crafts (NACE-BEL codes 10110 à 33200 and 95)
  • Management of the environment (NACE-BEL codes 37000 to 39000)
  • Hospitality and tourism (NACE-BEL codes 55100 to 56309 and 79)
  • Retail (NACE-BEL codes 47111 to 47990)
  • Building renovations: installation and finishing work (NACE-BEL codes 43211 to 43999)
  • Information and communications technology (ICT) (NACE-BEL codes 59, 60100 to 62090 and 631)
  • Research and development (NACE-BEL codes 72110 to 72200).
Diversity: +10% Votre petite entreprise dispose d'un plan de diversité approuvé ou d’un label de diversité..
How to apply?


Complete and send in the form (see “links: form and rules” at the bottom of the page). You must include several appendixes with your application.

After you submit your request, Brussels Economy and Employment will send you an acknowledgement of receipt of your file within 15 days maximum.


The mission can only start as of the date of the acknowledgement of receipt and, at the latest, within three months of confirmation that the allowance has been granted.


You will have three months after the mission ends to send in the supporting documents to Brussels Economy and Employment.

Brussels Economy and Employment will pay the allowance in one payment.

Need help? Contact Brussels Economy and Employment

Help needed? Contact Brussels Economy and Employment

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