Seeking finance for a takeover

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Monday 13 September 2021

Prepare your business plan, your financial plan, estimate what funds you have available to invest…Find out about the many types of public and private financing (and guarantees) available.

It goes without saying that your request for financing will only be considered when accompanied by a solid and convincing plan.  Unsure how to prepare such a document?  Try

When it comes to looking for financing, it is essentially no different from any other company project…  To find the main principles and the main sources of financing, public or private, see these pages.

Then, remember that the region offers certain grants which may be relevant.  These include the consultancy grant (or pre-activity grant), which will allow you, under certain conditions, to reduce the cost of recourse to an external expert by half (accountant for the valuation and preparation of a financing file, lawyer for the analysis of legal aspects such as the takeover of leases, the continuation of commercial partnerships, the transfer of intellectual property, etc.).

If you are considering recruiting to sell your business, you can also obtain a grant. The person you hire must be either the future buyer or a person who will be in charge of the management of your company during the transfer of the company. More info on the website of Brussels Economy and Employment (FR/NL) ou consult this page (FR/NL) on our website.

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