Support for innovation in Brussels

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Wednesday 7 April 2021

The budget that public authorities allocate to research and innovation is impressive. It is true that innovation is a decisive element in the economic growth of a region.

The support provided comes in various forms.

Subsidies for innovating companies

Innoviris is the Brussels Institute for the encouragement of scientific research and innovation. Its mission is to support and stimulate research, development and innovation in and for Brussels through the funding of innovative projects by companies, research organisations and the non-commercial sector.
Most of the programs use the same methodology: calls for proposals (usually annually), analysis and selection of files by a jury of experts, and monitoring of projects selected from their launch to their completion. You can find more information about these different subsidies in the Subsidies section, under R&D Innovation.

Provisioning of premises for young innovating companies

An incubator is generally associated with a university or college and hosts university spin-offs or innovating start-ups resulting from scientific research. By making its premises available under advantageous financial conditions, the incubator allows the spin-off to reach a critical size before it spreads its wings.

In order to encourage this evolution toward autonomy, the incubator offers the young company business assistance services (technical validation, capital raising, funding and support, etc.).

Coaching of innovating companies

This category includes various types of support:

Collective research centres

Collective research centres are research centres established on a sectoral basis. They are created to promote and coordinate technical progress in their sector, particularly regarding SMEs.

Their activities are threefold:

  • collective research;
  • miscellaneous scientific and technical services provided individually to their members;
  • dissemination of technical information, training etc.

Interface cells

Several structures have been put in place to promote communication and encourage partnerships between university research centres and businesses. The universities themselves have established so-called "interface cells". Interface cells aim to make knowledge, know-how, and the outcome of university research available to the company as soon as possible, and to stimulate the creation of innovating companies. More specifically, their intervention is translated into support at different levels during the creation of spin-offs (assessment of research, funding, intellectual property, etc.)

Support via 

If you have an innovative project in the audiovisual or digital industry,  sustainable construction & renovation, healthcare sector, retail & hospitality, sustainable economy or tourism, you can receive free support from one of the sector managers at Thanks to their knowledge of the economic and industrial fabric of Brussels, they can help you in a wide range of ways: positioning, strategy, preparation of the business plan, etc.

Search for a partner using the "Europe Enterprise Network"

Enterprise Europe Network offers support and advice to facilitate the internationalisation of SMEs. It helps companies to innovate and seize opportunities on the European market, and offers access to external markets.

Enterprise Europe Brussels offers services developed jointly by and the Brussels Chamber of Commerce.


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