Choosing the right location for your business: criteria to consider

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Wednesday 15 September 2021

The importance of location to a company's success is often underestimated.  It is essential to give this enough consideration and to consider the various criteria in order to make a measured and considered decision.

In fact, many factors play a role in the choice of an ideal location for your company.  Below you will find a series of points which should be considered:

The company's activity

  • The nature of the company's activity determines your location! You must consult land use plans to check the zones in which you can set up.  

  • Note: in some cases, you need a planning permit (change of allocation). Generally, an environmental permit is also required.

  • Check if the space will be suitable for your activity in the future (expansion)

  • What type of space are you looking for? Office - production workshop - warehouse or a combination of warehouse with office, etc.

If you are looking for a location for your shop, consider using the Analytics tool from the Retail department of  This instrument provides an exhaustive view of the commercial potential of the different commercial districts in Brussels, along with a structural diagram of their environment: presentation of the commercial offer in maps and images, analysis of pedestrian flows, quantitative and qualitative analysis of profiles.  And you can consult it for free!


  • The geographic location relative to suppliers and customers (outlets)
  • Parking possibilities in the surrounding area; access by public transport
  • The geographic location of the competition (do you want to set up close to your competitors or not?)


  • The appearance of the building (does it correspond to your company image?)
  • The reputation of the town/region
  • Road safety/crime in the area
  • The visibility of the building and of your logo


  • Does the property's cost correspond to its value?
  • Can you apply for any grants?
  • What costs are involved in the transformation works? (loading/unloading dock, parking, refrigeration, security, telecommunications infrastructure, etc.)
  • What are the possible transport costs?
  • Will any specific taxes need to be paid?
  • Etc.

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