What are your obligations in terms of mobility?

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Friday 10 September 2021

Who requires a company mobility plan?

Any public or private company employing over 100 people on a site must legally prepare a company mobility plan, also called a "green commuter plan" or "company transportation plan"

The added value of a such a plan is obvious in the short, medium or long term. For example:

  • better accessibility and better opportunities to attract qualified personnel;
  • a reduction in costs and parking problems;
  • more punctual and less stressed employees because they are not stuck in traffic jams;
  • an improvement of the quality of life of the community in general, and your employees specifically;
  • a better brand image, both internally and externally, by showing that you are concerned about the environment and the comfort of your staff.

How can this mobility plan be implemented?

Specifically, a set of actions must be introduced to:

  • encourage rational use of the car
  • promote more environmentally-friendly modes of transport (bicycle, walking, public transport).

A mobility plan includes three sections:

  • a general description of the company,
  • a diagnosis (FR) of the current travel situation 
  • an action plan (FR) to improve this.

In practice, you need to fill in a form (FR) which is also valid for the federal diagnosis of home-work travel.

The form must be sent to Environment Brussels. You have one year to implement your plan, and Environment Brussels provides a schedule (FR)  showing the deadlines to be met. A new diagnosis is required every three years when the action plan must be evaluated and updated.


To help you with your diagnosis, Environment Brussels provides  some useful IT tools on its website. 

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