Selling your business: surround yourself with the right people

Last modified:

Thursday 31 October 2019

Selling a company requires a broad and specialised vision. Seek support from professionals. 

The natural instinct is often to contact your accountant.  This is not a bad idea to begin with, but it may sometimes be necessary to call on other specialist experts.  A good accountant will recognise his limits and entrust certain aspects to other experts: lawyers for many legal aspects, property experts for assessing the property assets.  To facilitate recourse to these experts, which can sometimes be expensive, remember that there is the consultancy grant.

And to find a purely indicative and non-exhaustive list of consultants specialising in takeovers, see the list of experts on the following websites:  Sowaccess (FR) and Overnamemarkt (NL) / (FR). Also consider using the services of Hub Transmission of BECI  (FR)

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