Complying with standards

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Monday 19 April 2021

Sometimes a company must comply with standards, a legal or administrative decision or a permit during its lifetime. Although these investments can be restrictive, your company can receive support thanks to allowances:

  • The standards compliance allowance (FR): If an environmental, quality, security or sanitation standard requires your company to modify its product manufacturing process, you can apply for the “standards compliance” allowance to benefit from a 40% subsidy for the cost, excluding VAT, of eligible investments. These investments can involve machines, equipment or even the layout of your establishment, if necessary, to change the manufacturing process of your products.

  • The investment allowance: neighbourhood disturbances, polluted site, plantings (FR): If a legal or administrative decision, a standard or a permit related to neighbourhood disturbances, the restoration of polluted sites, the treatment of polluted soils, or plantings, green roofs or walls (no planning fee) require works, your company can benefit from the “investment allowance: neighbourhood disturbances, polluted site, plantings”, for which the assistance rate is 40%, excluding VAT, of the cost of eligible investments.

  • The LEZ allowance: replacing an old light commercial vehicle (low-emission zones) (FR): Your company can benefit from up to €3,000 in aid to replace a commercial vehicle which no longer meets low-emission zone (LEZ) standards. View the file with the new vehicle criteria before making a final decision.

Get information about the allowance granting conditions before incurring any expense for your investment! Read through our “Tips from 1819 to prepare your subsidy request” to fully understand the topic and carefully read the rules for aid on the Brussels Economy and Employment website.

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