Prospection abroad

Last modified:

Monday 19 April 2021

Sales prospection often involves physical travel, which is immediately more expensive when it comes to travelling abroad. This subsidy therefore essentially targets the costs of accommodation and travel abroad (in order to develop the activity on the markets concerned, of course).

This grant is in principle reserved for prospection trips outside the European Union, but an exception is made for start-ups, who may also be granted assistance for trips within the EU.

Expenses related to the assistance of an expert to prospect these markets are also covered, as are administrative costs related to registration, approval and certification in foreign markets (excluding the approval and certification fees as such).

The subsidy amounts to 50% (or 75% in some cases) of eligible expenses, up to a maximum of 5 subsidies and € 12,500 per year.

A detailed info sheet is available in our “subsidies” section as well as on the Brussels Economy and Employment website. This information is only available in french or dutch.

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