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Environmental management designates the organisation and management methods used to consistently take into account the impact of a company’s activities on the environment, to assess that impact and to reduce it.

An environmental management approach can be implemented to different degrees, and result in the creation of an Environmental Management System (EMS).


Initiated by Environment Brussels, the Ecodynamic Enterprise Label is intended to encourage organisations in Brussels to commit to an eco-management approach by providing official certification and support to companies that want to implement sustainable management at their sites.

The process to obtain the label is completely free. It is intended for all Brussels-based public and private sector companies, non-profits and institutions.

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  • the implementation of consistent consumption tracking provides substantial financial savings;
  • your eco-management approach is officially recognised  ;
  • you can include the label in your communication tools and benefit from enhanced brand recognition, highlighting your concern for the environment ;
  • you receive free advice on how to implement your eco-management approach. You are not required to pay any registration or participation fees ;
  • you choose the pace at which you want to progress by setting the priorities you want to work on ;
  • you become part of a dynamic network which shares its experiences during events and training organised by Environment Brussels.


There are four simple steps to joining the programme:

  1. Register your company on the website and open a file for each site to be labelled
  2. Prepare a company application file which includes verification of all legal obligations and implementation of the best practices listed for the label
  3. File review by Environment Brussels, potentially with an audit
  4. Company labelling

Application for the label requires the mandatory implementation of a certain number of basic best practices. Other best practices implemented by the company will help push up its level. There are three label levels: one, two and three stars.

The best practices are based on major environmental themes : water, energy, mobility, soil, purchasing, noise, waste and green spaces.

The file must be submitted within 18 months of its opening. The label does not have an expiration date but can be renewed if the company wants to certify other best practices or raise its level.


After 17 years of existence, the Ecodynamic Enterprise Label took the decision to renew itself in 2018. If you received your label prior to that date, your certification is no longer valid. You must renew your label.

Find all the information you need about the label and open your file here:

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