Integration companies and local employment initiatives

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Tuesday 7 September 2021

The social economy is comprised of a range of different companies and initiatives with the objective of providing social added value.  Within this framework, they respect the following basic principles:

  • priority of work over capital;
  • democratic decision making;
  • social integration;
  • transparency;
  • quality;
  • sustainability.

Specific consideration is also given to the quality of internal and external relationships.  They sell products and services and invest their financial resources effectively with the aim of guaranteeing continued profitability.

The difference with the (traditional) economy is that the social economy does not aim for profits, but rather for the creation of social added value.  The social economy puts humans at the heart of its concerns by focusing on the development of the production process, the sustainability of the products and/or the services produced, the creation of jobs for at-risk groups, etc.

Local development and employment initiatives (LDEIs) and integration companies (ICs) constitute the tools supporting the social economy in the Brussels Capital Region. They combine economic activities (services, production) with social activities (creation of jobs for at-risk groups).

  • LDEIs (Local Employment Development Initiatives) are not-for-profit associations.  They provide services or produce goods, and focus on the socio-professional integration of jobseekers having difficulty finding work.  
  • integration companies are commercial companies with a social purpose, which also provide services or produce goods and focus on the socio-professional integration of jobseekers having difficulties finding work.

Do you want to receive financing as an integration company or as a local employment development initiative (*LDEI)?  Then contact the Brussels Regional Public Service, where you can also obtain the required documents and forms. 

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