Solutions to hire for less

Help to hire your first employee

As a new employer, you can count on benefits from the ONSS or other support measures when you recruit employees from specific target groups. They consist of:

  • young workers
  • older workers
  • hospitality sector workers
  • the long-term unemployed.

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Hire without breaking the bank

You need an extra pair of hands. Are you like so many young entrepreneurs who can’t afford to hire, or don’t think they can? In this brief guide, we outline the various employment support schemes:

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Reduce your salary costs

Salary costs are very high in Belgium. In fact, they are the second highest in Europe. However, there are several ways to reduce the costs for the employer, without having an impact on your employees’ salary. We’ll review all of the options available to you.

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Flexi-jobs are intended for people who are already working or who are retired. With a flexi-job, they can now work unlimited hours and make some extra income under favourable terms.

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Students, interns and temps: what are the advantages of each status?

Recruiting an employee can sometimes take a long time. If you need immediate results, you can employ a student, an intern or an interim employee. Who knows, they may become your new, permanent employee. We list a number of benefits of each status below.

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