Business Identity and communication

The identity of your business must be well thought out because it plays a very strategic role! It defines your company in the eyes of current and potential customers. It will determine its nature, positioning in the marketplace, values, character, etc. This identity will also provide the basis for the communication you will implement to get your business known.

The image and identity of your business

Choosing a business name

Finding a striking name for a business, product or service isn’t a minor challenge for a beginner entrepreneur. What do you need to know about the topic, where should you start and what is really important?

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Defining your visual identity

Visual identity expresses the brand’s identity in an image: the logo, slogan, typography, colours, design, photos...All of these components have an impact on the way the brand is perceived by those who see it.

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l'aménagement du point de vente

Setting up the point of sale

How do you set up your retail business to make it eco-responsible and PRM-friendly? How do you create a special atmosphere and lay out your display window to get the right effect? How do you promote your products? See our expert advice on Retail design!

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supports papier

Using paper media

Despite the advent of digital, the creation and distribution of paper media is important to reach a wider and more diverse audience. Explore a few tips on how to create effective print media and on daring ways to distribute them!

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Digital communication

social media app

Social networks

Social networks are part of our everyday lives and are an integral part of the digital communication and marketing strategies of companies. The question is no longer why you should communicate via these networks, but how to do so effectively. How can you use the social networks for your company? Here is an overview of the options.   

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Website design

Creating a website: important points

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to grow a retail or hospitality business without an online presence. Setting up a website can be very helpful for increasing your visibility and acquiring new customers. How do you create a website that reflects current habits? How do you get noticed? What essential information do you need to include? Let’s take a tour of essential website items!

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e-commerce smartphone

Creating your e-commerce platform: important points

The news proves it: the health crisis and the extended lockdown have led to a significant and unprecedented increase in online sales in Belgium. In light of the growth of online commerce, we explain the different types of e-commerce and the practical digital marketing tools you should use to ensure the creation and optimisation of a quality e-commerce platform. 

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micro press interview

Communicating with the media

Isn’t the dream of every entrepreneur to get their name in the papers? Our advice will guide the media coverage of your retail/hospitality business to make this dream a reality!

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Learning the basics of marketing

What is your marketing and communication strategy? How do you market and advertise? We answer all of your questions in our “Marketing, Sales & E-commerce Guide”.

Communication strategy

coaching femmes

Communication strategy coaching

Are you opening a retail business soon? Have you just opened a business or are you planning to expand your retail business to a second outlet? provides coaching to launch and develop your retail business.

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8 steps to building an effective communication plan

Do you have valuable information you want to share with your target audience? A new product or service? A new company initiative? Before charging in head first to develop a message for the first channel that comes to mind, here are eight steps you should consider to optimise your communication plan.

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