Where to locate your business ?

Choosing the right location is one of the key factors for retail success. It’s essential to select the location where you will implement your business based on the premises you will buy or lease and the neighbourhood in which the business will be located. Discover our advice and strategic partners who can guide you.

Where should you set up your business ?


People often underestimate how important it is for the success of a project to find the right location. It is essential to dedicate enough time to the issue and to take account of the various criteria to make a well-considered and thought-out decision.

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How to find the perfect location ?

The location of the shop or restaurant is very strategic for its commercial success. Your commercial premises should ideally be located in a high-traffic area where you can meet your customers.

Connect to the analytics.brussels platform created by hub.brussels, the Brussels Agency for Business Support. You can view maps and graphs on the portal which describe the state of the commercial offering located on the main arteries of the region as well as the results of analyses of pedestrian flows and the profile of the shoppers in each of the neighbourhoods.


How to get help with your location strategy ?

If you want to get a personalised opinion during your search for premises, you can also contact the hub.brussels Retail unit at retail@hub.brussels. The unit will provide you with a range of geomarketing indicators and work with you to identify the district that best fits your project. 

/!\ However, you will need a complete business plan to benefit from this assistance.

Who should you contact to find a location for your business ?

The Brussels-Capital Region has an extensive offering of location options for companies, retailers, warehouses, offices and industrial buildings.

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Where can you find adverts for commercial premises?

Finding the right location for your business in Brussels

agent immobilier

Estate agents

You can contact a certified private estate agent to help you with your search for the ideal location. You can find a certified estate agent in your region at the Institut professionnel des agents immobiliers (IPI). Regardless if you are a major international group or self-employed, specialised or not, they will provide their best advice, taking account of the constraints of the market they manage.

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Inventimmo provides assistance to companies looking to set up their business in Brussels. It is managed by Citydev and hub.brussels. All information sources are used, notably, in collaboration with real estate professionals.

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Aide réunion

Your municipality

The municipality can be a strategic partner in your search for commercial premises. One of the municipality’s missions is to assist the sustainable and economic development of their retailer networks. Regardless if you are a looking for commercial premises or at an itinerant business, be sure to contact the municipality to find out which premises and public spaces are available.

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Logo la régie foncière

Land management agencies

In addition to keeping an eye on the sustainable and economic development of their retailer networks, municipalities also manage a number of commercial ground floors. Sign up as a candidate tenant with the land management agency of the municipality in which you want to set up to have access to their offering.

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affaires à suivre

Businesses for sale

Taking over an existing business can be very interesting and provides many benefits to people who want to join the entrepreneurial adventure. If you are interested in taking over a business, go to the Affaire à suivre platform for all of the adverts for Brussels.

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Private advertising sites

The Internet is full of advertising websites that offer commercial property for sale or lease in Brussels. Here are a few: immowebLogic-immoImmoTransit and ImmoVlan.

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