Environmental permits for brussels-based retailers

Some activities require an environmental permit: bakeries, butcher shops, chip shops, discotheques, restaurants with seating for over 100 people, etc.

What is the environmental permit ?

What is an environmental permit ?

An environmental permit is a requirement if your business may impact the environment, health, the safety of the neighbourhood, or visitors. You have to submit a permit application to Bruxelles Environnement or to your municipality and comply with all environmental regulations.

Attention : The environmental permit is valid for 15 years and must then be extended. You will also have to inform Bruxelles Environnement if you are taking over an existing environmental permit or will be changing the premises. Be sure to check the expiration date of the environmental permit prior to signing the lease and make sure that it can be renewed. Add a condition precedent clause to the lease in case you don’t receive an environmental permit.

When do you need an environmental permit ?

An environmental permit is generally required even if you believe that your activities, equipment or products don’t cause any pollution. Search the complete list of installations subject to an environmental permit here or via the list of sectors in question.

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How do you obtain an environmental permit ?

As a general rule, you only need to submit one environmental permit application (class 1A, 1B, 1D or 2), or one statement (1C or 3) with the most dangerous installation determining the class.

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Sample plans

We provide you with examples of tailor-made plans to show you the type of plans you need to submit with your application for an environmental permit.

Do you need advice to prepare your environmental permit applications?


hub.brusselsurban planning and environment team provides free, personalised, and confidential support to businesses in Brussels for all issues relating to the environment in the Brussels-Capital Region: environmental permits, soil, waste, water and energy management, and emissions permits.

The team is committed to:

  • working with you to determine if you have classified facilities that require an environmental permit;
  • checking whether your request requires a soil study or an energy audit;
  • finding out whether you are using the right waste disposal channels;
  • helping you prepare a complete application with all the required supporting documents;
  • clarifying, where necessary, the opinions and decisions of the administrative authorities, after an inspection, for example

You can attach them when you fill out this form or via email at: permit@hub.brussels.


You can find preliminary information about any existing environmental permits covering your premises here

For more information about existing environmental permits, go to Environment Brussels or the environmental department of the municipality in question

A practical guide to environmental permits

Environment Brussels provides a practical guide to environmental permits.

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