Restarting or taking over a business

after shutting down a business

The discontinuation of a business can cause financial, psychological and social trauma and entrepreneurs often find themselves alone when trying to rebuild. Reaching out for support can help them to recover personally and socially from closure, to regain confidence in themselves, their talents and their expertise, and thus initiate a shift in focus with regards to entrepreneurial failure.

Revival support

This is a completely free recovery programme created by the Pulse Foundationfor companies that have had to cease trading following bankruptcy, liquidation or sales at a loss within 24 months. Those who wish to bounce back are welcomed here for personalised, individual and collective support, thought out and executed by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. 

The programme can extend over a period of 18 to 24 months depending on the needs of each situation. It includes mentoring for support relating to the new professional project and coaching for psychological support. The first part is devoted to “re-establishment” following closure, while the second part of the programme is devoted to the establishment or definition of a new professional project.

Throughout their support, the entrepreneur will have access to a range of trade experts, meetings with peers, moments to discuss and share ideas, training courses and workshops, as well as moments of relaxation. 

The organisation is in contact with the Commercial Court and many other organisations in order to provide the most comprehensive support possible. 

However, it isn’t support aimed at avoiding closure or bankruptcy. The aim is to support entrepreneurs who have already had to cease trading and want to reach out for support in order to bounce back. Registration and contact:


Restart support

This is a completely free programme provided by BECI to help entrepreneurs who have had to cease trading (declaration of bankruptcy and/or liquidation) to bounce back to a new professional project. The support is provided over 5 months and consists of individual and collective coaching, discussion and personal development training workshops provided by coaches and experts. Available upon application.

The many objectivesinclude: voluntarily sharing experiences as a group, accepting the reality of failure (working on past failures and on themselves as a person), getting to know oneself better, strengthening confidence and self-esteem, defining a new project and integrating a new professional dynamic, in addition to gaining access to new networks and contacts. At the end of the programme, the entrepreneur will be redirected to other support programmes to continue developing their new professional project. 

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Reload Belgium support

Since 1 December 2020, ReLOAD Belgium ASBL has provided free support to entrepreneurs who are facing bankruptcy or the cessation of a business, to recover a new entrepreneurial or salaried project.

Support is personalised and takes care of the psychological impacts of the cessation of a business (loss of confidence, diminished self-image, discouragement, the feeling of finding it difficult to recover). The programme includes: individual coaching sessions, development groups, personalised training courses and mentoring. The initiative is based on a solidarity network, which is based on volunteering by entrepreneurs. It is based on the same model as its French equivalent, known as 60,000 Rebonds. 

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The Reload Yourself cooperative

Reload Yourself supports you in your project to transfer and/or take over a self-employed activity or a company.

Reload Yourself offers you solutions to create, test and develop your project to take over or relaunch a business in a structured and secure framework.

Reload Yourself is built around the following three pillars:

  1. A cooperative that will allow an entrepreneur at risk of bankruptcy to continue their business while Reload Yourself takes over the company with a new status
  2. Support for the takeover/sale of a “classic” business
  3. The self-takeover of a bankrupt business by employees (former employees) of the bankrupt business

The aim is to help the individual recover in a supportive and secure environment. The support is comprehensive and the team is comprised of coaches from both the Job Yourself and DiES, lawyers, accounting experts, experts on new business models, business creation, management and restructuring, and psychologists and support staff. 

Priority will be given to activities that are rooted in Brussels, to those that meet the needs of the region, those with high added-value know-how and/or those that take into account current environmental, social and societal challenges. 

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