Retailer training and information

Are you ready to take the first step and launch your business? The adventure will be fulfilling! However, before jumping in, it’s better to know the different aspects involved in your new job as a company head. Get training to make sure you put every chance on your side.

Getting training

Where to get training in Brussels ?

The 1819 calendar

Our calendar contains many events, such as trainings, workshops or networking sessions. Check it regularly and you will eventually find training that meets your needs!

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The Dorifor platform

Do you want to find all the training available in Brussels? Or are you looking for training on a specific topic? Find the training you need on the Dorifor platform.

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Vocational training

Are you looking for training that combines practical experience in a company and technical and theoretical courses provided at a training centre? Do you want to reveal your talents in a field of the future? Are you entrepreneurial?

A number of different schools provide a wide range of training courses, notably apprenticeships via sandwich courses (starting at 15 years old) and continuing education: training for professionals in a specific field to access the required qualifications to exercise a profession, obtain an approval to meet the standards in effect in Belgium, or upgrade skills to meet changing technology and market needs.

Additional training for company heads

To develop and perfect your skills quickly for less, the "Passeport Réussite" programme provides personalised training to develop expertise and improve entrepreneurial capabilities. 

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Hospitality sector training

Regardless of your status, employee, self-employed or looking for work, Horeca Forma Be Pro provides a complete training programme ranging from hygiene to customer management to creating restaurant menus.

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Training grants

It’s important to get trained, but it can be expensive. Find out about the training assistance provided by the Region.


Training cheques are a benefit provided to job seekers to facilitate their hiring or setting up their self-employed business.

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This grant is intended for future entrepreneurs who have a company project and need a little financial help to grow it. This assistance includes three months of training, among other things.

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Are you a company head? Do you want to enhance your skills or those of your employees to improve the operation or competitiveness of your retail or hospitality business? Get a training grant!

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Covid-19: training to handle the crisis

Do you have a retail business or operate a hospitality establishment? Are you suffering because of the crisis? Are you looking for simple solutions to implement to increase your visibility, reduce your costs and adapt your concept to the current context? provides 25 tailored speed coaching sessions to fully meet your needs.

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Ideas incubator: express coaching to launch your business

Do you have a retail concept but you’re afraid to move forward with it? You don’t know where to start? Start with! On 25/05 and from 31/05 to 04/06/2021, we’re offering a free training programme to help you discuss and develop your concept and make it work.

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Getting formation

As the self-employed head of a business, you have to stay up to date with the assistance opportunities available in the Region, new legislation and events at all times. Stay informed by contacting 1819 and by following our agenda and our networks.

The 1819 service

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Do you have questions? 1819 will be happy to direct you! Contact us by telephone or email or visit our office in Saint-Gilles.

Contact 1819’ Retail department provides a wide range of events and coaching for retailers. Keep their agenda in your favourites!

Joining a retailer association

Connect with the retailer community in the Brussels Region via Facebook Retail. It will provide you with useful information about:

  • training
  • information sessions
  • advice
  • meetings
  • the sharing of initiatives and call for projects
  • job offers

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