Transferring or shutting down your business

Do you want to shut down your company? An alternative to shutting it down is to transfer it. In either case, you will have to complete a series of administrative formalities. It’s important to follow

Shutting down your business


Administrative formalities

You will have to complete a series of general formalities if you decide to shut down your business.

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Liquidation and dissolution

A natural person who voluntarily decides to shut down their business must contact a one-stop business centre within a month of closing so that it can take the required steps.

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Transferring a business

Do you want to sell your business? Did you know that the process can take between three and five years? You have to prepare the takeover well in advance! See how to prepare the sale of your business

What are the steps involved in selling a business ?

The successful sale of a business takes time (often over five years!), starting at the moment the business owner begins to think about passing the torch.

Certain steps need to be respected to avoid running into nasty surprises along the way (selling the business for less than it’s worth, legal issues with the buyer after the sale, a buyer who doesn’t keep the business afloat, etc.).

4 steps to follow

What are the financial considerations of a company sale?

You will obviously have to value your company as objectively as possible. There are different valuation methods available. Cross-reference them to cover all bases.

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Who can help ?

Selling a company requires both a broad and a specialised view. Get support from experts. 

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