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As an entrepreneur, you can contact Actiris to hire staff, train staff, obtain information about employment aids, develop a diversity policy, or implement collective redundancies.

1. Recruiting with Actiris

Are you looking for new talents to complete your team? Recruitment with Actiris is the solution!

No time to lose? Entrust us with your recruitment!

Recruitment requires a great deal of energy. That is why we can find the perfect candidate for you! Tell us your needs, and we take care of implementing a tailor-made recruitment process for you.

  • Advice about profile definition and recruitment
  • Dissemination of your offers
  • Pre-selection of your candidates

2. Training your staff

It isn't always easy to find a candidate who is immediately operational. Sometimes, a little help is needed. That is why Actiris has set up language cheques, ICT cheques, and training cheques. The training cheque finances up to 50% of specific complementary training for your future staff members in order to help them to carry out their new job.

3. Obtaining financial advantages

Hiring without overrunning your salary expenses? It is possible! Employment subsidies help you take the step and hire an additional person... at a lower cost!

However, it is not always easy to navigate through the multitude of existing aids. Our advisers are here to help you. They guide you through the most advantageous measures for your company and handle your case from A to Z.

4. Opting for greater diversity

Do you want to make diversity a genuine asset for your company? A team of diversity advisers will help you to set up a diversity plan. In this plan, actions that correspond perfectly to your reality are drawn up according to a tried and tested framework. Not to mention that you can count on financial support.

5. Collective redundancies

If you are planning a collective redundancy, Actiris can support you. We inform you about your rights and obligations, and help you throughout the process: from the announcement to the day when the employment unit (if applicable) comes to an end.

Actiris also ensures that regulations concerning restructuring and the active management of this are complied with.

Latest grants from Actiris

Training cheques are a benefit provided to job seekers to facilitate their hiring or setting up as self-employed.

Training is paid for with these cheques which are designed to improve or expand ...

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