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Are you an emerging or experienced artist ? The Artist Project platform responds to your needs.

Iles/Artist Project is a non-profit organisation that contributes to the professionalisation of artists and the sustainability of their activities by supporting them in the development of their artistic career.

Today's artists, in addition to being artists, must be able to develop the "practical" aspects of developing their project. Building a plan of action, presenting their approach or project, producing a work, prospecting to find out about their sector and identify opportunities, disseminating, communicating, networking, etc., are all skills that are necessary to become professional. 

Accompaniment, professional meetings, training and information are the different actions set up by Artist Project to enable the acquisition and development of these different skills.

Information: information session: work as an artist

For a better understanding of your rights and obligations as an artist, the information sessions are presented by Alexandre Pintiaux, legal consultant and lawyer specialised in art law.

The topics covered are: the status of artist in Belgian law, unemployment legislation and permitted activities during unemployment, employee and self-employed status, working via the BSA (Social Offices for Artists), the RPI, the artist card and visa.


In order to complete the accompaniments, Artist Project has set up a series of STRATEGO training courses such as "assogestion": creating your artistic ASBL, managing your artistic ASBL...


You are an artist in the field of performing arts, music, plastic and visual arts. Are you looking for a methodology and support for the development of your artistic activity/project?

  • START: The Start training course is aimed at artists who wish to understand the workings of the profession that lead from pure creation to contact with the public, to acquire a working method and a vision of their artistic sector and to take stock of their approach and practices. Each session welcomes a group of artists from all artistic disciplines (performing arts, plastic and visual arts, circus arts, performance, audiovisual and music).
  • SUITCASE: is a programme of individual and personalised accompaniment which is available on application three times a year. The objective of SUITCASE is to accompany the artist over a period of six months to one year in a step-by-step programme. The final goal is the empowerment of the project leader in the long term. The individual and personalised follow-up will be supplemented from time to time by group sessions and meetings with professionals in the sector.


As part of its mission to support artists, Artist Project wishes to set up a series of professional meetings to inform artists on topics useful to the development of their artistic project. The meetings concern the different artistic disciplines supported by Artist Project.

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