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circular/sustainable economy
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This service :

  • provides financial aid to Brussels companies. Under certain conditions, the administration grants investment premiums and discretionary subsidies (allowances for which there is no legal basis)
  • helps Brussels companies to develop on international markets
  • organizes the central board examinations for accessing certain professions and provides advice to accredited business counters.
  • supports companies in the agri-food industry and carries out food analyses, on request, through its expertise centre in Brussels: BRUCEFO
  • grants authorizations to travel agencies in the Brussels-Capital Region.
  • registers tourist accommodation in the Brussels-Capital Region
  • controls grants to businesses, travel agencies, firearms and ammunition licences, access to the profession, itinerant trade and tourist accommodations.

The controls are carried out by the Regional Economic Inspection.


This service ensures a number of roles:

  • handling requests for work permits and professional cards for foreign workers
  • handling requests for reimbursement for paid educational leave and for the Fund for Professional Experience
  • authorization of private employment agencies (interim, recruitment and selection, outplacement) and verification that legal obligations are observed
  • providing grants for projects to support employment
  • authorization of service voucher companies
  • authorization and support of social enterprises
  • inspection of companies regarding compliance with legislation concerning the use of foreign workers
  • control private employment agencies and service voucher companies
  • carry out 'discrimination testing' in recruitment.

The controls are carried out by the Regional Employment Inspection.


All our services are by appointment, including work permits

Make an appointment by telephone with the relevant department (see links below in Dutch, French and English)

Please make an appointment for other services. Contact details and phone numbers are available on their website.

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