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citydev.brussels (formerly SDRB) offers business location solutions and services for all companies, whatever their size: from craftsmen to industry, including start-ups, SMEs and VSEs. In addition, it builds houses for private individuals within the context of urban renovation projects.

The projects of citydev.brussels are aimed at two target groups: enterprises and private individuals.

Hosting solutions for enterprises

citydev.brussels offers companies various location possibilities and hosting infrastructure in the Brussels-Capital Region. In particular, it manages 58 industrial sites and several buildings for companies, which it makes available to companies that meet certain criteria in terms of employment, activity and commitment to economic transition.

In addition, citydev.brussels also has a database - Inventimmo - containing all office buildings, workshops, warehouses and industrial sites for sale or rent in the Brussels-Capital Region. These services for companies are part of the Brussels-Capital Region's economic development policy.

Housing for private individuals

citydev.brussels builds affordable housing, which it then sells to private individuals or low-income families. This housing is part of the urban renovation projects set up in some neighbourhoods in the Brussels Region. Their implementation is generally the subject of a public-private partnership.

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