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Financité is a pluralist movement whose disinterested purpose it to promote research, education and actions in responsible and solidarity-based finance to contribute to a more just and humane society.

Financité offers consultations and leads training for social economy companies on the “financing mix”, legal framework and communication for fund raising, related governance, and administrative and tax aspects (Tax Shelter).

Financité, provides certification of financing via the solidarity finance label. The label ensures that a company's funding meets specific social criteria:

  • the activities financed must be related to the social economy (areas financed: social action, North-South cooperation, the defence of human rights, culture, education, the environment, etc.);
  • a socially-responsible approach is recommended for liquidity;
  • if the financing can be subscribed to:
    • transparency vis-à-vis the subscribers;
    • the fees for the financial product called must be in line with, or below, market practices.

Lastly, Financité manages the F'in Common cooperative, an innovative cooperative financing tool designed with and for social economy enterprises. The cooperative raises capital from the general public and grants loans to social economy enterprises.   



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