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Hefboom provides funding and advice to projects that work towards a social and sustainable society.

In addition, Hefboom offers ethical investment products to individuals, organizations, companies, and public administrations.

The Hefboom loans are intended for you:

  • if you are a legal entity

  • if you are engaged in an economic activity or if you provide services that pursue at least one of the following social objectives:

    • employment of people from at-risk groups
    • development of production processes, products, and services that are respectful of the environment
    • promotion and development of fair trade and sustainable North-South relations
    • fight against precariousness
    • promotion of a democratic entrepreneurship
    • delivery of services that aim to solve new social problems

Impuls loans

Those who wish to start or set up their business cannot always go to a (classic) bank to ask for a loan. This is the case when, for example, they cannot supply a sufficient amount of capital, when they depend on benefits or when they have debt arrears.

They are the ones the Impuls loan is intended for.

To know everything about our formulas (type of loan, application and refund procedure, etc.), go to www.impulskrediet.be. (dutch only)

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