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The Local Economy Office of Molenbeek



Rue Le Lorrain 110
1080 Brussels


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The Local Economy Office of Molenbeek, located in Molenbeek's business center, is a free service for the creation of a company in the Molenbeek-Saint-Jean municipality.

The Local Economy Office of Molenbeek is made up of a four-person team: an administrative assistant, a person that accompanies start-ups, a legal practitioner, and an economist.

The LEO receives any person planning on becoming self employed either as a natural person or within a commercial company. It also helps newly created companies whose primary goals are social (non-for-profit or social enterprises). 

The LEO also speaks to local businesses, associations, and companies by trying to solve the problems they encounter: business management problems, administrative or legal issues, or even more intermittent problems of integration of the activity in the neighborhood, or help them in their activities' expansion projects. It can also help them in organizing promotion events such as clearance sales.

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