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The M-Brussels Village Centre has become an essential site for ICT in Belgium, a sector that is both flourishing and innovative. Therefore, the enterprises installed there benefit from synergies with stakeholders from the same cutting-edge sector. They are housed in the prestigious building that housed the former RTT, a building that benefits from quality architecture and a successful conversion offering maximum prestige. The occupancy rate of the M-Brussels Village Centre is particularly high.

The business centre is...

  • Hosting solutions  in a centre devoted to entrepreneurs: office spaces from 19 to 80 m², co-working spaces, meeting rooms able to accommodate 6 to 80 people, meeting spaces that favour synergy and networking, relaxation spaces.
  • Maximum flexibility in line with companies' developments, as much in terms of the working spaces provided as in the length of the rental period.
  • Services and an approach designed to facilitate the life of entrepreneurs and their projects: fixed-rate package including charges, telephone, Internet, mail, reception, etc.
  • Particularly competitive rates.
  • All the strengths of a network of entrepreneurs and the potential synergies that result from it.

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