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The project:

Originally, MolenGeek was an event which was held over a weekend and which offered the opportunity to test an idea or an entrepreneurial project.  From Friday evening to Sunday evening, participants brainstormed and developed their projects in teams, supervised by entrepreneur coaches, which were presented to a jury on Sunday evening.

Apart from these occasional events, MolenGeek is also:

  • A coworking space, open since 1 March 2016, where young people can work on their projects, exchange ideas, and be challenged.
  • Information sessions in the field of technical entrepreneurship in difficult neighbourhoods.
  • Trips to discover technical ecosystems elsewhere in the world.
  • Coaching by experienced people throughout the year in the coworking space.
  • Inspiring meetings organised with entrepreneurs.
  • A "coding school" in order to teach future entrepreneurs computer language so that they can develop their project technically by themselves.

MolenGeek in the Belgian technical ecosystem:

MolenGeek ensures a mission of entrepreneurship awareness, and is positioned at the start of the entrepreneur’s path. Thanks to MolenGeek, entrepreneurs will be able to discover entrepreneurship through MolenGeek's events, and will also be able to learn computer language in order to programme their own project via the "Coding School".

This school allows entrepreneurs to technically develop their project, but also to integrate other start-up projects.

Finally, the MolenGeek coworking space will act as a springboard to the other organisations and institutions that support entrepreneurship and help entrepreneurs.

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