Build a sustainable tomorrow - inspiration tour @Konligo & R-USE Fabrik

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Bergensesteenweg 95
1070 Anderlecht


Meet Konligo and R-Use Fabrik, two inspiring companies with a circular business model that put the environment and social aspects at the centre of their activities. Discover the opportunities the green transition has to offer, no matter your industry, from improved branding to customer acquisition, and differentiation from the competition.

This tour will allow you to understand the different components of circularity. You will also get the opportuniy to exchange views, get inspired and network.


  • A better understanding of the green transition. Discover the concepts and challenges of the shifting economy and the European and regional context, as well as the opportunities a sustainable approach can create for your business
  • Where to start? Overview of the services can offer to help you with your economic transition project
  • Konligo tour: an innovating circular startup that offers sustainable, transformable structures for events. The perfect example to understand the relationship between the ecodesign of a product, a longer life cycle and its positive impact on the environment
  • R-Use Fabrik tour: an eco-friendly fabric and haberdashery shop that will share its experience as a social enterprise and discuss how upcycling can be leveraged to diversify revenue sources and become more resilient
  • Circularium presentation: discover this temporary occupation project dedicated to circularity initiatives
  • Networking lunch

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