1819 is the leading information service for anyone who is starting or developing a business in the Brussels-Capital Region. Its purpose is twofold:

  • providing entrepreneurs with first-hand knowledge about the different aspects linked to the performance of any economic activity whatsoever (financing, government grants for launching or expanding a company, selecting the appropriate company form and social security status, administrative formalities and access to the profession, permits required for initiating new activities, ...).

  • orientating companies in terms of the entire network of Brussels institutions and organisations set up to help businesses. The 1819 service is permanently in contact with an extensive network of government institutions, private organisations and associations that offer various types of guidance, financing, training or support to the Brussels-based entrepreneur. 

The 1819 service is also focused on spreading a culture of entrepreneurship and raising awareness among young people, women and job seekers in Brussels. In this context, the service now also coordinates the following regional projects:

  • Young Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow (YET) to get young people involved in entrepreneurship.

  • Women in Business to encourage women to start a company.

  • The "platform for personal job creation" intended for job seekers and managed in cooperation with Actiris.

Who do we help?

Everyone. That is, everyone who wants to start or develop a company in the Brussels-Capital Region: student entrepreneurs, company starters, freelancers, experienced business leaders, foreign investors. In short, we help any person who has questions about entrepreneurship. Regardless of the phase your project is currently in. And we can do this in French, Dutch or English. By telephone, via e-mail or at our offices (information point). And we do it all for free.


The information is provided in a number of different ways: through the 1819-hotline, this website, a biweekly newsletter (in FR or Dutch), free information sessions about how to start a company or networking events, or through the information point at our offices...

How do we do it?

The 1819 advisors don't just offer an attentive ear for your questions. They also help you articulate your needs more clearly as well as truly structure your idea. They also draw your attention to certain aspects of or benefits linked to your project, which you may be unaware of.

They will also identify the specific organisation that can best guide you or provide you with specific information, adapted to your profile, your needs or activity, your branch, ...

All this information and data given to you orally by the advisors will also be given to you by e-mail within a period of two working days.

So do not hesitate to contact the 1918 service, no matter what phase your project is in. That is precisely what it is there for !

Let's stay in touch

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