You settled in Belgium and would like to start your own business? You have questions about the administrative requirements for people born outside the European Union? You are not sure where to start and are looking for information?' 1819 service and microStart can help, and are organizing  information sessions in your language several times a year.



¿Se mudó a Bélgica y quiere crear su propia empresa? ¿Tiene preguntas sobre los requisitos administrativos para las personas nacidas fuera de la Unión Europea? ¿No sabe por dónde empezar y está buscando más información?

El servicio 1819 de y microStart pueden ayudarle y organizan sesiones informativas en su idioma varias veces al año.



Ви знаходитись у Бельгії і хотіли б відкрити власний бізнес? У Вас є запитання щодо адміністративних вимог для людей, які зʼявилися за межами Європейського Союзу? Ви не впевнені з чого почати і шукаєте інформацію?

Служба 1819 та microStart можуть допомогти та організовують інформаційні сесії вашою мовою кілька разів на рік.



هل أتيت للعيش في بلجيكا وترغب في بدء مشروعك التجاري؟ هل لديك أسئلة حول الخطوات الإدارية الخاصة بالأشخاص المولودين خارج الاتحاد الأوروبي والذين يرغبون في ممارسة الأعمال التجارية في بلجيكا؟ تريد أن تعرف من أين تبدأ و كيف تحصل على المعلومات المطلوبة؟

يمكن لخدمة 1819 من وmicroStart مساعدتك في ذلك، إلى جانب ذلك فنحن ننظم جلسات معلومات بلغتك عدة مرات في السنة.

Information sessions

Date title Registration
18/04/2024 Comment créer une entreprise en Belgique ? More info
14/05/2024 How to start a business in Belgium ? More info
16/05/2024 Comment créer une entreprise en Belgique ? More info
05/06/2024 ¿Cómo emprender en Bélgica? More info
13/06/2024 How to start a business in Belgium ? More info
20/06/2024 Comment créer une entreprise en Belgique ? More info




1819 is' information and guidance service for people having a business or wanting to start one up in Brussels. At 1819, you'll find all the information you need to get your project off the ground:

  • What are the administrative steps to start up a business?
  • Which organizations can help me?
  • What are the regulations and obligations for my activity?
  • How to find financing?
  • How can I grow my business?


microStart is a microfinance institution that grants microcredits to (future) entrepreneurs to finance the start or the development of their business. In addition to financing, microStart offers free support before and after the launch of their business.

Regional support for aspiring migrant entrepreneurs

Around 46% of the population of Brussels holds a non-EU nationality. These people face additional difficulties if they want to set up their own business. They include a lack of knowledge of local and national regulations, a lack of information and support services tailored to the needs of migrants and a lack of financing for business start-up.

These are the obstacles that microStart and set out to overcome by responding to the Council of Europe Development Bank’s (CEB) call for proposals under the Partnership and Financing for Migrant Integration (PAFMI) project.

Firstly, the project aims to raise awareness and give better information to migrants about the requirements to set up a business in Belgium through' 1819 information and guidance service, and to support them throughout their entrepreneurial journey, while offering the possibility to access the microcredits offered by microStart.

Secondly, it plans to bring together the partners of Brussels’ entrepreneurial ecosystem to ensure that their services are better adapted, through better knowledge of the target audience, shared tools and an advocacy to reduce barriers to business creation for migrants.

This project is funded as part of a wider agreement between the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) and the European Commission (Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs); its aim is to improve the inclusion of migrants in EU Member States through the development of new partnerships and new forms of financing.


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