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Thursday 31 October 2019

In case of buying a product or service for which it is impossible to establish a fixed price, the customer may request a quote.

Mandatory information on the quote

  • the name and/or company name and address and, if applicable, the company number;
  • details of, and the nature of, the services concerned and any supplies;
  • the price, calculated globally or determinable regarding criteria directly linked to the nature of the service;
  • the date and validity period of the quote;
  • an estimate of the length of the service.

Before establishing the quote, the consumer must be informed of the cost of the quote unless it is free.

Advantages of the quote

Thanks to the quote, the customer can:

  • estimate the cost of any work carried out by a professional for a service with a cost which varies according to circumstances (not a standard rate);
  • know the cost of the work in advance.

The quote is binding for the information it contains. In fact, it is a contract offer which is binding for the person issuing it. So that the actual contract is concluded, it is vital that the consumer gives their agreement in writing by signing the quote, for example.

Is the quote free?

In principle, a quote is free and must be in the written form.

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