The Brussels Diversity Label

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Friday 28 July 2017

Opting for more diversity is a strong signal and a commitment to the outside world.  This is why the Brussels region created a diversity label in 2010: "we cultivate diversity". 

The Brussels diversity label is more than just a piece of paper. On the contrary, it is the successful completion of a process.  

Companies wanting to follow such an approach must first contact the Diversity unit of the Territorial Agreement for Employment.

The company or organisation can then start, with the help of a diversity consultant, to develop a diversity plan. Once the plan has been established, the employer can benefit from regional co-funding corresponding to half of the budget (max. 10,000 Euros) to carry out the actions defined within a 2-year period.  

If the final assessment of the plan is positive, the company can apply for the label, which acknowledges the efforts made in the context of the plan (valid for 2 years). For this purpose, it introduces a new plan, called a consolidation plan, which is not co-financed.  This plan is a type of agreement with a common agenda between the company and the Brussels diversity unit.  

The label is valid for 2 years, during which time it can be used freely in all external and internal communication.  

Want more information on the diversity label? Contact the Brussels-Capital Region's Department of Employment and Economy Policy on 02/204.13.56 or consult their website (FR)

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