Which support for your social economy project?

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Tuesday 7 September 2021

Various associations can help you obtain advice, information, and support concerning social economy and non-trading sectors. These include:


FeBIO is the Dutch-speaking federation of employment development initiatives in Brussels. It represents some 20 companies and organisations active in the social economy in Brussels. Its members are active in a wide range of sectors: construction, transport, family support services, IT, horeca. etc. All members work to improve the city by creating employment for at-risk groups and offering quality services to customers with fewer financial resources (as well as individuals, associations, and public institutions). Its website (NL) provides a list of companies active in the social economy in Brussels.


The FeBISP is the Brussels French-speaking federation of socio-professional integration organisations. Their website (FR) also provides a series of information and a list of members.

Tracé Brussel

The company purpose of Tracé Brussel (NL) is the integration of Brussels inhabitants into the job market. Tracé Brussel is approved by the Brussels-Capital region as a consultancy agency for social economy. Tracé Brussel is particularly active in:

  • Assistance during the preparation of approval and financing files for local development and employment initiatives (LDEIs) and candidate integration companies.
  • Support and monitoring of approved social economy projects
  • Reorientation towards external support for LDEIs and integration companies approved and active in the sectors not covered by the Tracé Brussel


Febecoop (FR) is another consultancy agency specialised in the social economy and active in, and approved by, the Brussels-Capital Region. Its tasks mainly concern:

  • The performance of feasibility studies and the preparation of business and financial plans for the creation and development of companies active in the social economy.
  • Recommendations for existing companies
  • Promotion of the sector


SAW-B (Solidarity of the Walloon and Brussels Alternatives) is a pluralistic federation of social and social-economy companies. Its members represent over 300 social companies in Wallonia and Brussels; that is, approx. 15,000 workers. SAW-B is a consultancy agency approved by Wallonia and has been supported as such by the Brussels Capital Region since 2004.

The consultancy department at SAW-B can assist you in order to:

  • Structure your project to achieve your financial and social targets with realism and professionalism.
  • Carry out a comprehensive feasibility study, assess your market and your positioning, define a strategy and an operational plan for creating a comprehensive social business plan
  • Construct a long-term and innovative economic model
  • Implement financing methods (calls for co-operators, obligations, investors, bank loans and ethical and participatory financing tools).
  • Prepare a solid and credible financial plan and obtain financing
  • Select and implement the most suitable legal structure, and write your articles of association
  • Implement a sound system of governance in line with your principles

The following organisations focus particularly on project leaders wanting to form a non-profit organisation or association (asbl/vzw):

L'associatif financier

L'Associatif Financier (FR) is a social economy consultancy agency specialised in supporting the creation and management of social companies and associations, particularly non-profit organisations. The Associatif Financier can advise you and support you with your management and your approaches when required.


Ideji (FR) supports (future) non-profit organisations. This association can provide you with various types of support: training with a participatory approach in groups of 6-12 people, individual monitoring and professional coaching, support for organisational change, conferences, etc.


ToolBox is a nonprofit organization aiming at supporting and improving the management structures of associations by offering pro bono professional consultancy.

La boutique de gestion

La boutique de gestion (FR) is an organisation which aims to develop the social and non-trading economy. To achieve its objectives, it offers various services such as support for creation, legal services, or even various training.

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