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The Belgian Office for Intellectual Property is a public service of the federal authority. The OPRI's overall mission is the protection of intellectual property in Belgium. It handles all questions on intellectual property in Belgium.

For the public, the OPRI is first of all the office where it is possible to file patent applications, supplementary certificates for the protection of medicine and plant protection products, proprietary variety certificates, brands and pictures and models.

Alongside its administrative tasks, the OPRI has an important information mission. It produces a large collection of patent documents, proprietary variety certificates, registered trademarks, pictures, and models available to the public in its large reading room or on its website.

The Production, Accounting, and Information Service is in charge of recording, gifting, and publishing industrial rights of ownership for the Belgian territory. It works as an intermediary for the recording of international rights, and spreads information on intellectual property. It also promotes, researches, and disseminates as much as possible information from patents on inventions, and collects registration, publication, and safeguarding of industrial property taxes.

All contact information is available on this page. Note, if you wish to go to the OPRI's contact point, we bring your attention to the fact that it is not located at the same address as the one to which all postal mail must be sent.  The contact point is located on the ground floor of the North Gate III building, Boulevard du Roi Albert II, 1000 Brussels.

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