Accounting obligations

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Thursday 2 September 2021

what are your company's accounting obligations?

Not all companies are covered by the same accounting regime, and so their obligations vary depending on:

  • their legal form,
  • their activity sector,
  • their turnover,
  • their final balance,
  • the number of people employed.

Based on those characteristics, we can define four main company categories:

  1. Sole proprietorship, which can make use of simplified accounting.

  2. Micro-companies, which can prepare simplified annual accounts according to a micro-scheme specially designed for them.

  3. Small companies, which must provide comprehensive double accounting and can opt for a simplified scheme.

  4. Large companies, which must provide their annual accounts according to a comprehensive scheme

What are the obligations for non-profit organizations and foundations?

A non-profit organisation is legally obliged to keep accounts and draw up annual accounts. As to the system used, that depends on the size of the association: small, large, or very large.

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