Safety of products and services

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Thursday 31 October 2019

General regulations

Various legal documents are intended to protect the safety of consumers. Thus, the general regulation sets out that only safe products and services can be sold. This means that when a product or service is marketed, it cannot lead to a risk in normal or reasonably expected conditions of use. As a producer or distributor, you are responsible for any consequences of faults with your product or service.

If you know that a product or service that you have marketed presents a risk for the consumer, you must inform the central point of this immediately.

SPF Économie monitors the Belgian market and makes sure that products and services meet safety requirements.

If it considers that a product is dangerous, necessary measures are taken based on the situation. If required, it may, for example, stop the sale or ask the manufacturer to recall the product in question.

Looking for dangerous products

Regulation on the safety of products and services

In addition to the general regulation on the safety of products and services, there are also specific regulations such as those relating to toys, play areas, machines, etc.

Some products may fall under different groups of products and must therefore fulfil the different regulations. 


Childcare items and toys

Active amusements


Theme parks


Construction products

Medical devices

Pressurised equipment

Personal protection equipment

Electrical devices

Products with an ambiguous appearance

Extreme amusements

Play areas

Gas appliances

Explosives and fireworks

Cable installations

Rental of products


Tanning centres


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