The best recruitment channels for new talent

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Monday 13 September 2021

Talented employees can take your company to a higher level, but where do you find them? No problem: never before has there been so many channels to find the right profiles.

1. Your own professional and private circles

Start by telling friends, acquaintances, fellow entrepreneurs, suppliers and customers about your job vacancy. E-mail, social media and word-of-mouth are good ways to advertise. If you already have staff, make sure to involve them in the recruitment process. Your own network often knows what you are looking for and a personal connection is always a plus.

2. Job sites

Use the internet: plenty of job sites there. More and more people search for a suitable job on the internet. If you have your own website, post your job offer on it as well.

3. Advertisements in local newspapers or trade magazines

Advertising in a local newspaper or trade magazine has a wide reach. But beware, as the costs incurred will rise quickly. Moreover, writing a simple, clear and original advertisement is more difficult than you might think. So, get help in time.

4. Actiris

Select Actiris, the recruitment service for the Brussels-Capital Region, will assist you in looking for the right candidate. Specialised consultants know your sector through and through, and offer free support: from drawing up a job profile to writing, disseminating and following up your job offer and even taking care of the pre-selection.

5. Job fairs

Participating in regional or national job fairs is a good way to assess candidates on the spot.

6. Selection agencies

Selection agencies usually specialise in one or more professional sectors, know the market situation and can also provide professional guidance. This option is recommended especially if you are looking for a very specific profile. This a fee-paying service, however. You should therefore decide beforehand what your agreement with the selection agency will or will not include.

Visit the Federgon website for an overview of all affiliated selection agencies.

7. Temporary employment agencies

If you hire someone through a temporary employment agency, you are not officially his or her employer. The agency retains this role. The advantage for you? It assumes almost all the risks and administrative formalities. If you are satisfied with the performance of your temporary worker over time, you can still hire him or her permanently.

Visit the Federgon website for an overview of all affiliated temporary employment agencies.

8. Internships

Contact a school or college offering courses in your field. By offering internship placement in your organisation, you remain two steps ahead. For one thing, you get an excellent opportunity to test the qualities of your intern in the workplace. This allows you to see right away who is a good candidate for future vacancies, and cancel training since it is no longer necessary. You can always contact Actiris and propose vacancies for internships.


Depending on the job profile of the employee(s) you are looking for, some recruitment channels are more suitable than others. If you are creative and allow sufficient time, you will surely find the ideal employee to support the growth of your company.

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