Working students, interns and temporary workers: 3 good reasons to hire them

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Thursday 31 October 2019

Recruiting a permanent employee can be a lengthy process. If you need a swift outcome, consider a working student, intern or temporary worker. Who knows, he or she might become your new permanent employee. We've summed up a few good reasons for you.

Working students: 3 good reasons

Working students are often the ideal workforce to cope with busy periods, fill in functions while permanent workers are on holidays or meet high seasonal staffing needs.

1. Lower payroll costs

Since social security contributions are lower for working students, your payroll costs are also reduced. In addition, students can work up to 475 hours a year under those advantageous conditions. Make sure you send the completed Dimona declaration to the NSSO/RSZ in time: on the first working day at the latest.

Useful tip: Student@work, one of the online social security services, allows you to see at a glance how many working hours your student has left this year.

2. A glimpse into the future

While it's all or nothing with a permanent employee, a student can be tested in the workplace. This allows you to see right away who is a good candidate for future vacancies, and cancel training for your employee since it is no longer necessary.

3. Flexibility

Students are paid by the hour, and not per day. This allows you to deploy them with great flexibility: no problem employing them for three hours since you won't have to pay for a full day.

Interns: 3 good reasons

Even though recruiting and integrating an intern may require a bit more time and effort, he or she may prove a great addition to the team.

1. A new perspective

Young, motivated interns offer a fresh perspective on your business. What's more, they bring with them the latest insights in your field, and having young blood in the team gives the workplace a new impetus.

2. A useful workforce

Although an intern can do a lot of work, you need to define a clear range of tasks for him or her to do. You should therefore pick jobs that require little experience or projects that allow your intern to develop skills while doing them. In addition, record your objectives in an internship plan and appoint an internship coach. If your intern does a good job, you can consider offering him or her a permanent contract.

3. Great value for money

It is no secret: interns are cheap workers. A distinction is made between a compulsory internship and a work experience agreement. In the former case, you enter into an unpaid three-party agreement with the educational institution and the intern. In the latter case, you start an internship period at the request of the young person who wants to gain professional experience. You pay him or her a statutory minimum fee and make a Dimona declaration.

Temporary workers: 3 good reasons

1. Fast deployment

Temporary employees are especially welcome to meet staffing needs during expected (e.g. holiday arrangements or maternity leave) or unexpected (e.g. long-term illnesses) peak periods, or when you are not sure hiring someone permanently is a viable solution.

2. Time savings

The temporary employment agency will remain the official employer of the temporary worker. For you, this means fewer formalities such as payroll administration. Note: in exchange, the  temporary employment agency takes a commission on the employee's gross salary.

3. Permanent job option

Temporary employees looking for a permanent position usually spare no effort to perform well in the hope that you will offer them a job. If the temporary worker is not the right fit, you will say goodbye to each other without notice of termination or compensation.


Working students, interns as well as temporary workers can play an essential role in your recruitment policy. You can offer a permanent contract to the persons who prove themselves really invaluable. But as always: good preparation is vital.

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