Where can I find training directly related to the business I want to run?

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Wednesday 16 October 2019

Anyone starting their own company is often at the helm by themselves, and must therefore have numerous skills beyond the skills directly related to the business they want to run.

Basic management knowledge

The aim here is not to list the competencies legally required for the exercise of such an activity, but instead to remind you all the same that you need to possess business skills if you want to establish your own commercial enterprise in Belgium. Business skills are defined as:

If you do not meet these conditions, one of the solutions available is to take a specific training course.   You will find a list of training courses concerning this criterion at Bruxelles Formation (FR).  You can also take look at the list of seminars and courses in our Agenda.
That said, even if you have this knowledge and you can prove it on paper, perhaps your initial training was a while ago.  In this case, don't hesitate to be enthusiastic by taking a training course.

Refresher courses

The basic management program is no secret to you, but your ambitions are such that a refresher would be welcome on aspects such as financial management, human resources management, sales strategy, etc. You may then be interested in specific programs such as SME-Start from ICHEC-PME (FR), or even Creation-Growth from Solvay Entrepreneurs (FR)

With support from the Region

Whether you are looking to perfect your management skills or develop more specific competencies (in languages, IT or sales techniques, etc.), you should know that the Brussels-Capital Region offers to cover 50% of these costs.  However, we should point out that this support is not aimed at project owners; you can only apply once you have a company number.

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