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Boutique de gestion

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The Boutique de Gestion (literally: management shop) is an organisation whose goal is to develop the social economy instead of the market economy. It uses different services in order to reach its objectives:

Creation support

This service is for project leaders who wish to register their activity in a social-economy dynamic. The Boutique de Gestion helps you with the design and strategic thinking, with the feasibility study, or the implementation of the action plan.

Legal department

This service answers any question or inquiry concerning the evolution of legislation and laws in the voluntary sector and social economy.

Department of economics and finance

This department helps you to devise a financial plan and a provisional budget, establish a financial diagnosis, identify the malfunctions, and offer solutions, provide advice and experience related to financial management.

Human resource consulting

Counsellors in human resources provide you with operational, organisational, and strategic support. They offer specific selection and recruitment processes and can optimise your wage policy.

Administrative management of staff

The Boutique de Gestion insures the administrative management of staff: salary calculation, social laws, tax statements, salary budget, ...

Various training

The Boutique de Gestion organises personalised training and seminars "à la carte", answering your specific needs and obligations determined by current affairs.

Discover the boutique de gestion in this video (in french) :

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