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Brussels Guarantee Fund's mission is to supply credit institutions, in exchange for an annual contribution, with a substantial part of the guarantees they request from SMEs and self-employed persons for the grant of professional loans in the Brussels-Capital Region.

The following enquirers are eligible for an intervention of the Brussels Guarantee Fund :  

  • the micro company, the small and medium enterprise, the natural person, as well as the liberal professions and the ASBLs;
  • who invest (in the broad sense) within the territory of the Brussels-Capital Region.

The loans that can benefit from the intervention of the Brussels Guarantee Fund are :

  • the investments in movable and immovable property;
  • intangible investments;
  • the buy-out of business or purchase of company shares;
  • financial leasing operations;
  • security credit;
  • constituting (and replenishment) of working capital;
  • extraordinary events.
  • Refund of existing loans if this substitution improves the financial structure

The Funds' intervention is limited to 80% of the amount of the loan.

The Brussels Guarantee Fund intervenes in three ways: the Pre-Agreement, the On-Demand Guarantee and the Quick Guarantee.

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