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Crédal is a pluralistic organisation that wishes to strengthen social cohesion and develop a sustainable society through solidarity finance, as well as through supporting customers, which is tied to it.

Crédal brings together 3 functions:

  • Crédal Entreprendre: helps unemployed project promotors, and disposes of a particular programme for women who want to create their own employment

  • Crédal Conseil: helps project promotors, associations, and social economy companies

  • Crédal Microfinance: helps people excluded from the banking system who need financial help to start or develop a company or finance a project vital to their everyday life

AFFA program: Affaires de Femmes, Femmes d'Affaires (Women's Business, Business Women)

Programme for women who want to validate their business ideas:

  • group workshops
  • individual interviews

Discover Crédal through this video (in French):

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