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Cultuurloket offers business support for the cultural sector.

The legal, business and financial side of the cultural sector is not always clear and obvious to the people and organisations that are active in it. How do I use copyrights in my organisation’s funding mix? What is the best way for an artist to be paid? Can a company work with volunteers? Are you sure you want to sign that contract?
For all those questions and much more, you can contact Cultuurloket. In addition, we organise numerous training courses - also tailor-made for schools and other organisations - about the above topics.

Due to the corona crisis, we are offering two extra (free) services to the cultural sector:

1. Corona hotLine

Do you have short, specific questions about the corona (support) measures? Call our Corona Line: 02 534 18 24. Available every weekday between 10h and 18h.

2. Crisis counselling

The corona crisis has hit the cultural sector hard. And it doesn't look like corona will be out of our lives any time soon. Is this our new reality? And above all: how do cultural workers and cultural organisations adapt to this? Cultuurloket will help you with this. With our crisis counselling, we will work with you to find a way out of this crisis and build a sustainable model. More info.

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Make contact with Cultuurloket via the contact form on the website.

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