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DiES is a co-operative social enterprise (scfs).

As an employment co-operative, DiES is a company that allows you, as a co-operating entrepreneur, to independently manage your activity while remaining an employee. This allows you to avoid the independent’s procedures and obligations, such as having to get a business number, managing your accounting, making a VAT declaration, and allows you to spend 100% of your time on your job and your clients.

We welcome you as soon as your activity allows you a gross margin (Revenues excluding VAT - raw materials) of at least 1700 Euros per month. Signed contracts vary depending on the revenue, from part-time to full-time.

Our structure is particularly suited to service trades, but is open, in principle, to all trades. Each case is individually analysed in order to respond to your application as best as possible.

The advantages of our structure are:

  • security (employee status, social security),
  • independence (at the level of both the strategic and operational management of your activity),
  • flexibility (homeworker employment contract),
  • the administrative and accounting facilities (account, administrative, as well as social and internal management)
  • as well as a cohesive process (exchanges and sharing that prevent the independent from becoming isolated).

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