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Environment Brussels is the environment and energy administration in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Its missions:

  • Study, monitor, and manage air, water, soil, waste, noise, nature (parks and biodiversity);
  • Issue environment permits, monitor compliance with them. Furthermore, it helps Brussels authorities and companies draw up environment plans.
  • Develop and support environmental education projects in Brussels schools, participate in meetings and negotiations in Belgium and overseas, etc.;
  • Develop activities in the field of eco-construction and links between health and the environment.


Environment permits and inspection:

  • grant environment permits, accreditations and certificates
  • control compliance with environmental legislation

Information and awareness-raising:

  • information about air quality in Brussels (pollumeter)
  • measurements of ambient and other noises in Brussels
  • information and publications about the environment and parks in Brussels
  • environmental information for citizens, schools, and enterprises (Eco-dynamic Enterprise label)

Planning & support

  • Drawing up of sectoral plans in particular concerning the prevention and management of waste, the fight against sound disturbances, the management of Soignes Forest, Air and Climate plans, etc.
  • fitting out and management of parks (including Soignes Forest in the Brussels Region)
  • help for enterprises on the subject of environmental obligations
  • energy grants for the tertiary sector

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