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Evoliris is an ASBL that coordinates and stimulates training in the field of ICT. The center makes sure that employees and companies are informed on all the latest technological innovations and possibilities.

Evoliris undertakes the following actions:

  • promoting ITC careers and qualifications to the general public
  • coordinating offers of training and needs for ITC companies, collaborating with the relevant players in the job market and the education sector
  • developing tools and infrastructures for the purpose of improving the quantity and quality of ITC training
  • developing the necessary techno-pedagogical expertise to adapt training programs to the evolution of careers linked to ITC

Evoliris grants special attention to disadvantaged and unqualified people by offering them improvement and support in the development of ITC skills.

Employees pay a fee for Evoliris' training, but it is free for job seekers, students and teachers.

Evoliris' three priorities are the following:

  • matching employment and training in the field of ICT: developing a databank that regroups the careers and training linked to ICT in the Brussels Region
  • analyzing the profile of unemployed individuals in the ICT sector and training adapted to ICT careers
  • organizing ICT training with interested partners

Evoliris also provides an important ICT structure for:

  • long-term training for call centers functions
  • short-term training for companies and organizations

Discover Infinity, Evoliris' serious game (in French):

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