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Groupe One is the leading organisation dedicated to sustainable entrepreneurship in French-speaking Belgium. It has been working towards the transition toward a sustainable economy for 20 years now.

Its mission?

To support economic players – specifically entrepreneurs – wishing to overcome today’s social, environmental and economic challenges.

Active in Brussels and Wallonia, Groupe One is a not-for-profit organisation offering support, networking, work spaces and financing to help entrepreneurs developing their projects and subsequently increase their positive impact on our society.

Groupe One also offers training and tools for developing new human and entrepreneurial capabilities among young people, because they are the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. In this context, a sustainable entrepreneurship incubator (Boost Lab of Boost Your Project) is open to all students from Brussels universities and alumni who wish to take advantage of their internship period to develop a business project. For 3 months, young people can develop their project in a coworking business centre and benefit from individual and collective coaching and support over 3 days/week.

Some figures

To put it into perspective, during 2016, Groupe One supported 382 entrepreneurs, contributed to the creation of 97 new sustainable companies and supervised the opening in Belgium of 25 alternative food stores (organic, zero waste, short supply chain, citizenship, etc.).

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